Faith: opening and closing doors

This life is full of change: people come and go; jobs come and go; new family members; new situations. The fact is we often see life as a series of doors opening and doors closing. Whether simultaneously or one after each other. Sometimes these are doors we willingly close, in fact we are - and… Continue reading Faith: opening and closing doors

Faith: patience and gratitude

Like breeds like. Have you ever been in a situation where the people around you are complaining about the smallest of 'problems'? Think back to one of those moments. As you reflect, you probably realise the effect of their actions on what you chose to do next. Either: 1. You cringed (internally) and tried to… Continue reading Faith: patience and gratitude

Faith: controlling your emotions when you feel like doing anything but that

Chances are we have all dealt with rude people at some point in our lives. People who make us wonder why they are behaving that way towards us. Initially your meeting is going ok: not overly friendly, but not overtly horrible either. But all of a sudden the person/people become very dismissive and treat you… Continue reading Faith: controlling your emotions when you feel like doing anything but that

Health: viewing food as fuel (and still loving every bite)

I've always viewed health as way more important for a good body than simply looking good. The problem is nowadays there are so many fad diets out there and we seem to have lost patience as times have become more modern. People want quick fixes. They don't know the state of the bodies on the… Continue reading Health: viewing food as fuel (and still loving every bite)

Faith: don’t wait for the storm to pass

Today's world is characterised by a sense of impatience: phones ringing, notifications for a million social media outlets, rushing from here to there. Everyone is just so busy. Or at least seemingly busy.  We've become more anxious as a result too. I really believe this. What else makes us check our phones so many times a… Continue reading Faith: don’t wait for the storm to pass